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Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to Make a Simple and Easy Graffiti with Graffiti Creator

Many people who want to create their own graffiti designs, but they feel unable to do so.Because it is so I'll give you some tricks how to make graffiti design that is easy and simple to use graffiti creator.
graffiti creator,graffiti letters
1. The first step you do is visit the website There you will find it easy to create graffiti you like according to your taste
2. website on the main page you will see the options and navigation to make graffiti. To design or graffiti style you will be given a choice as potent, JediMind, Throwup, Wavy, MindGem, Oldschool, flava, Bubbles.
3. Choose the style you want when you want to start making graffiti. If it is then it will open the main page where you will create your own graffiti designs.
4. Then input the letters or words you want in a column has been provided. Then you just do your magic touch by pressing the button "create" then there was the basic design of your graffiti.
5. Graffiti design around you that there are some features used to manipulate the design to be more varied. For the size of the graffiti you can expand, elevate or rotate the design. For colors you can create a new color by manipulating RGB color. As for the style you will be given some interesting stylistic choices to decorate your graffiti design, not just one type but there are many options so you can add many effects on your graffiti design. Once completed then you live to generate .

These are some of the results of the design created graffiti.
graffiti creator,graffiti letters
graffiti creator,graffiti letters
graffiti creator,graffiti letters

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