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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wild Style Arrow Graffiti Alphabet

Modern Art Design

Graffiti is now expanded to around the world.

Even though graffiti has grown in style and artistic quality, even though graffiti crews can now be found everywhere from (my own) Louisville, Kentucky to mainland China, most people would still say that "New York City conceived graffiti and it will always be the capital and cultural center of graffiti. "

Also, when graffiti first started coming up, it was done predominantly by Puerto Rican and African American youths from poor inner-city neighborhoods. Now, graffiti has attracted people, male and female, of all races, religions and nationalities from the broadest types of backgrounds from all socio-economic classes, and you can regularly find writers ranging in age from 8 to their 30s.

graffiti arrow,graffiti alphabet
graffiti arrow,graffiti alphabet
graffiti arrow,graffiti alphabet